Wednesday, June 4, 2008

another update in the life of Sara

There isn't much to tell today...just two things really. One, we have 6 girls in our apartment now, with Cindy here visiting and our last roommate, Kaitlyn, here for 2nd block. Kaitlyn is a brand-new freshman. In fact, she just graduated high school on Saturday! She seems really sweet, although a little bewildered to be dumped into the thick of things. I think it'll be fun.

And then there's the reason I decided to write this e-mail...

Every Monday night 2 girls' apartments and a guys' apartment meet together and have a little spiritual thought and play a game and have treats, and it's really fun. There are also two people chosen -- a guy and a girl -- to lead our little family-away-from-home. The guy group leader is really cute and seems nice, and his name is Clint.

Now, a little bit of backstory, which you may or may not already know: I was going to take a business class, but I dropped it early on in the semester. In order to still be a full-time students, I had to replace the credits that I'd dropped. So I signed up for a Dating, Courtship and Engagement class, which has actually proved to be really interesting. And got more interesting.

My current assignment, for a grade, is to ask someone on a date.

It was actually really funny. I got the assignment today, you know, Monday. So I told everyone all about my assignment (my tone was filled with exasperation, I assure you!) and told them I was going to ask Clint. So we went to Family Home Evening and played fun games and such, but I could never manage to get Clint by himself!!!!! I was frustrated and going to have a hernia. But, fortunately, my roommates talked me into calling him over from the balcony and telling him that as my Family Home Evening "dad", I felt like it was an OK thing to ask him to help me with my homework.

So! I have a date with a really cute boy on Tuesday at 7! Not tomorrow, but next week. We're going to make pizza and play games and maybe go to the park if it's sunny and all that jazz. Honestly he gave me a little bit of a funny look when I asked him, but we'll see how it goes. And after all, I ROCK!!! Because I asked a cute boy out on a date!!! :)

Now, because I have a slightly-odd assignment, I am giving YOU a slightly odd assignment. I need get-to-know-you questions! I would really love to make this a really fun and "I want to be your friend" kind of date, but I have a hard time with this kind of thing. If you were a cute boy, what could I do to make you really comfortable? PLEASE HELP!

And with that, I am off to get ready for bed. Love to ya! :)