Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas 2014

Chris and I have been hard at work to get into the Christmas spirit this month.

And, because we don't have kids and all of our near-and-dear friends live far away, it can be just that: work.

Mostly it's the work of be excited, to get the things done that we intended to. We've discovered a couple of things, like how neither of us actually likes The Nightmare Before Christmas, and both of us feel like a tree without lights is pretty pointless. We've started a couple of traditions, like watching the Christmas devotional and decorating with homemade and gifted items.

In truth though, the most meaningful Christmas moments this year have existed entirely in my own head and heart. This year, I've been struck again and again by what Christmas is really about...and not just in the "let's put Christ in Christmas" kind of way. It's been a level deeper than that.

Do you realize who Christ is? Do you really understand His role and purpose in being born? Without Christ, there is no hope. No forgiveness. No improvement. No mercy.

But with Him...oh, the magnitude of blessings we have. Because of Him, every brokenness can be healed. Every failing can be changed. Every harsh reality of moral existence becomes nothing more than a moment to stretch and demonstrate our faith.

That little baby was the Savior. The Redeemer. The Deliverer. The Light, the Life, the Way.

He saves, redeems, delivers. Resurrects us, even, from our cold and sinful ways to the warmth and vibrancy and safety of His love.

And oh, isn't that worth celebrating?