Thursday, January 30, 2014

a day to remember

On bad days, I want to remember what today looked like.

I want to remember that my rudimentary skills were enough to serve the purpose, and that I was proud of my work.

I want to remember that it was convenient to be nice to my husband, and I was genuinely excited about that.

I want to remember that I chatted with a friend and reveled in our comfortable, worn-in, beautiful dynamic.

I want to remember that I accepted feedback not as criticism, but as conversation.

I want to remember that I asked for help.

I want to remember that I compromised.

Life is so full of days like today, which are nothing too special by themselves. But put together, they make happy marriages and thriving homes and meaningful progress.

Today was a good day. And the best part about it was that it was completely normal.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Today I was going to go exercise with a bunch of girls at the stake center, but when I got there the doors were locked and the parking lot was empty.

So instead I called my friend, who is temporarily staying with a family not very far from the stake center. We had a good talk about how much calmer her life is now that she is out of the place she was living at previously. She's like a different person now. It makes me happy for her.

I also went to day three of my new job today. It was much better than the last two days have been, since I am getting used to working in a team/office environment again.

We fed the elders, too. They're always fun, and I love that my husband loves to serve with them.