Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things That Made Me Happy Today

1. Learning about a hierarchy of literary value, ranging from the Truth to the Lie, with several degrees in between. Moral/ethical criticism is essential to consider, and by each person individually. (I, for instance, was very disturbed by The Picture of Dorian Gray and horrified by The Color Purple, yet found Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart very moving.)

2. A sweet thank-you note from my former supervisor, in response to the nice note I left for her on my last day of work. I'll really miss working for her; she's great.

3. Finding out that I know a lot more names of people who are going on the Brit Lit tour than I thought I did. Woot!

4. My outfit -- sooo classy. Trouser-cut jeans, kitten heels, t-shirt, blazer, necklace...mmm. Magnifique! Tres chic.

5. Calisthenics. Turns out, our morning exercises for class actually include exercises. I have no idea why I don't play sports...working out is so much fun!

6. Submitting the following t-shirt designs:

The last one is my execution of someone else's idea. It's also possibly my favorite, partially because it best adheres to the requirements given.

7. Making a plan before I got too overwhelmed by everything I need to do.

8. Re-realizing that Tuesday means Sam and Friday means Natalie and Chelsea and Kevin!

9. Quoting The Lion King in my facebook status. I'm an equal-opportunity profundity-seeker.

10. Going to bed BEFORE I'm too exhausted to think. Buenos noches!