Saturday, June 9, 2012

what we stand to lose

It's amazing how quickly things change.

Today, I saw a friend I haven't talked to in probably a month -- unusual since before I switched to full time, we talked almost every day. She, put simply, has had a soul-shaking week. Her grandfather died. A friend is in a coma after a bike accident. Another friend had a miscarriage.

Her story, in conjunction with a recent food-for-thought experience of my own, has got me thinking about how much I stand to lose. My life isn't perfect...but it's so close, so incredibly near-perfect that I don't know why I ever confuse that with "not good enough yet."

Life is so fragile. How dare we not enjoy it? How dare we assume the worst, or hesitate to apologize, or shoot down our own dreams? How dare I be cynical, ungrateful, jaded?

I'm so richly blessed.