Wednesday, June 30, 2010


That, readers, is a tomato.

One afternoon not so long ago, Laurie was bored, and a little sad. We rejected the idea of increased caloric intake and batted around a few alternatives. Then gardening came up. Suddenly, we found ourselves perusing the garden center for pea plants. And bell pepper. And basil. And zucchini. And yellow squash. And thyme. And two kinds of tomatoes (little ones for salad, big ones for sandwiches!)

We returned home, my lap and Laurie's back seat smelling of dirt and green. That was only the beginning. Laurie and I transplanted the little plants into our new, long pots (amid gunshot-like shrieks and "LAURIE! You CAN'T freak out like that when there's a spider!"). I loved getting dirt on my hands and researching how to take care of the little guys. I felt like I'd adopted a baby.

Laurie remembers to water them, thank goodness. I spent about an hour today staking the pea plants (they don't look very healthy with so many dried out leaves, but the little searching tendrils and tiny buds totally attest to their growth). I've also grown tomatoes before -- thank you, Dad -- so I knew that the little flower that was there when we bought the plant meant we'd have a tomato soon. It's the one pictured above.

I was skeptical when Laurie and I bought these plants. If it wasn't for Cindy, who is marvelous at plants, I would have killed many a houseplant. I just don't remember to water the darn things. I thought I was born for cacti, but not so. The wonderful thing about a real garden is once you get the darn thing started, you get attached. "Is that tomato ripe yet?" "I thought I saw a bud on that pepper plant..." "The basil plant is just PRETTY." You remember it more.

I know the whole my-life-as-a-garden thing has been done about a million times. But I really hope that in watching this garden grow with very little help from me, I can learn to step back and let good things happen, rather than assuming they won't happen unless I force them.

I kinda want to name my plants. Too bad I have two tomato plants. They can't both be Bob.

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  1. :D I'm so excited for you! On multiple levels!