Monday, September 5, 2011

laying the foundation of a great work

I'm facing a big life change shortly. It's not that I'm making a decision, but rather that I've made a decision already, and the time to act on that decision is getting really close.
And I don't know how all this is going to turn out. Worst case scenario is that I will be completely broke, unemployed, and 2000 miles away from home.

I am so scared.
I just keep reminding myself that if that's how it turned out, I would still have my God. He won't tell me to do something and then walk away and make me clean up the mess. He doesn't work like that.

Knowing that, I would still feel like I had done the right thing and still know that eventually, everything will turn out fine. It would try me in ways I can't fathom, and require some serious character building, but then again...isn't that just life?
I will have everything I require, and it will arrive at the Lord's hands. It might not happen quickly, but it will happen exactly on time. Until then, it is my business, my privilege, to do small things that will lay the foundation of a great work. If I am both willing and obedient, I will "eat the good of the land of Zion." 
So here's me, loosening the petrified grip I have on my heart, bending my mind into willingness, and trusting (hoping!) that no, the Lord's ways are not my ways...
But His ways are certainly better.


  1. And remember, the worst-case scenario doesn't usually work out! Actually, I would venture to bet you'll have an easier time finding a good job in UT than in NC, since you graduated from an Idaho college. Job opportunities tend to be more plentiful in the region you graduated from. Good luck!

  2. And hey, there's always our sofa ;)

  3. And I appreciate that tremendously! It's just that I'm really not comfortable saying, "hey, Cindy, can I stay on your couch for an indeterminate length of time?" :(

  4. His ways are always better. I feel like I'm always the annoying backseat driver who doesnt understand how this is all going to turn out safely, but it always does.

    btw, you can alternate between mine and cindy's sofas ;)

  5. Happy Birthday, Sara! This is Teri from LDS MindSpill, and your b-day popped up on our calendar. Hope all is well. It sounds like you're embarking on a new adventure. Good luck to you! I hope you're finding time to squeeze writing in there, too! You were always good at that!

  6. Oh, thank you Teri! :) that's very sweet of you. Tell everyone I said hello!!