Monday, November 14, 2011

life update!

"It's all so interesting. Which maybe you're thinking is an anticlimax, but in that case I feel sorry for you because that just means you don't really know about interesting. Interesting is as good as it gets." --Robin McKinley

I've received an official request to update everyone on my beautifully chaotic here it goes!

I'm in Provo right now, sitting in my boyfriend's FHE sisters apartment. For the record, I. Love. These. Girls! They are so sweet and I really appreciate their generosity. I'll be sleeping on their couch for a while, and as soon as I can afford it, I'm getting my very own apartment.! I've been staying with Cindy in Rexburg for the last several weeks, and that has been so fun and so very helpful. There's a reason I've been friends with this girl for 10 years...she's wise and funny and giving and I just love her. I've also loved seeing Natalie and Allison and as soon as I get a couple of paychecks under my belt, I'm sure I'll be back up there to visit.

Things are still great with Chris and I. I've missed seeing him every day, so it's been really, really nice to be in Provo so much. Sometimes I'm struck by how lucky I am to be dating him. He actively seeks out my opinions and humors my craziness and tries to be a little better every day. He is working so hard in his classes, not to mention figuring out grad school. And, of course, he's also busy spending time with me! We had fun weekend, shopping for clothes (and board games!) and attending stake conference and hanging out with his roommates. I'm sure grateful for that man.

As of this week I have not one but two jobs. I'm working freelance as a blogger, which in my case means I get to write just about anything having to do with cars. My posts will be here, but before I'm officially hired and can start uploading articles, I need to get some paperwork filled out  That is harder than it sounds as I need a printer or scanner and have neither one. (Angst!) However, as soon as I get that done, I'll be paid by the word and can write a 700 word article every day, if I want. Yay, income!

The other job is for Sorenson Communications, located in Taylorsville. They specialize in technology and services for the hearing impaired. For example, you can call someone who is hard of hearing, and they have a special phone with a screen that will show the words you're saying. I'll be trained to very clearly repeat what you say as you say it, so that the voice recognition software picks up the words correctly and can display them on the screen. The simple version is that I caption phone calls for hard-of-hearing people. I start the Monday after Thanksgiving, assuming I pass my drug test and background check. Pretty fair assumption if you ask me! I train for a couple of weeks on the software and then will be working 30 hours a week. Yes, it's part time, but supplemented by the freelance thing, I should be okay.

That said, I interviewed with another job on Friday, and I should hear back from them by Wednesday. This one is full time and directly related to my degree, yet it's in Ogden and probably requires more commitment. So if I get it, awesome, but if not, that's OK too. We will just have to see.

You know... we all know by this point that our lives are never going to be easy. However, they can certainly be challenging and rewarding and just so good. Yes, I do have a lot of things to figure out, and yes, I do have a lot of sacrifices to make. But the Lord is teaching me to build His kingdom, and be what He is.

What more can I ask for than that? :)

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