Saturday, December 21, 2013

t'was the night before christmas vacation

T'was the night before Christmas vacation, and all through the house
There was no scurry of packing, no, not from either spouse.
The suitcase lay still in the hall by the door,
The dryer stood full but wholly ignored.

The lovebirds were sitting all calm on the couch
While they smiled bravely and tried not to grouch.
Chris in his basketball shorts, and Sara in some too,
Had gone to volleyball -- a favorite thing to do.

When, middle of game, Chris and a friend collided
His ankle sprained just like that and swelled up, one-sided.
Away to the stage Chris lay down with a wince.
It hurt a whole lot and hasn't stopped since.

The call to the parents wasn't much fun.
"Our plans might be foiled before they've begun."
Mom and Dad understood, but it wasn't their favorite.
"Put ice on the ankle, and make sure to raise it."

With a little sad pout, Sara went to the store.
They had some first-aid things but they needed some more.
An ice pack, an ace wrap, a slide of the card
They'd soon ice it, and wrap it, though plans might be marred.

Now sitting, now waiting, now swallowing pills!
On the phone, doing writing, or giving water refills!
To the health center they go? Or just stay at home?
Go lay down now, rest now, maybe tomorrow we'll roam!

For sleeping, the lovebirds would be apart that night.
To keep down the swelling, Chris raised his foot a good height.
And can you imagine, the pain he would feel,
If Sara bumped his ankle? It'd be less than ideal.

So then, in the living room, Chris spent the night.
Snuggling pillows, not a sweetheart -- not due to a fight.
As Sara turned out the light and left him with a kiss,
She knew in her heart that her husband she'd miss.

In the morn they awakened. "How's it feel? You okay?"
And Chris tested and tried it (but avoided ballet.) 
A twelve-hour trip still didn't seem very smart
And so they decided, that day, not to start...


  1. Are you driving or flying? If you were flying, I'd totally buy some crutches and just go for it. ;)

  2. My coworker and I very much enjoyed your poem! She wondered how long it took you to write it? How creative!