Saturday, February 18, 2012

a house of glory

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a new apartment.

Pictures are forthcoming, but let me just say, I AM SO EXCITED.

I really hope to make this a home...I think Natalie (my sweet, fun new roommate) and I are going to have a long talk after we unpack and get settled. House rules, goals, expectations, that kind of thing. I told her today that we were going to have the kind of apartment where as soon as you walk in, you feel the Spirit. She's totally on board with me there, for which I feel particularly blessed.

A passage in the Doctrine and Covenants keeps coming to mind as I ponder all of dedicating the Kirtland temple, the prophet Joseph Smith prays that it will be a house of prayer and faith and learning and order. He prays that the comings and goings of the people there will be blessed, that it will be obvious to whoever enters it that it is a house of God.

I want that for my new apartment. And I think we can do it.

Have I mentioned that I'm excited?

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