Sunday, August 26, 2012


Marriage is being roommates with your best friend. Or maybe being roommates with your business partner. Or sleeping with your business partner. Or is it more like sleeping with your best friend?

Basically, with all the wisdom of 15 days, I think I can safely say--

Marriage is complicated.

But that's okay. At church yesterday, Chris and I were telling someone about the funny, rather intense life we just started. Her forehead wrinkled with sympathetic bewilderment, and she exclaimed, "At least you have each other!"

Which is certainly true, but when Chris and I talked about that conversation later, we realized, not being married would actually make things much more simple! I'd be in Utah, working and dating and just kinda moseying on with life. Chris would be at school, sharing an apartment with 4 single guys who didn't care what time he got home.

Without each other though, we'd be a lot less happy. Yes, marriage is complicated -- here I am, figuring out homemaking and scheduling and ambitions and sex. But I'm also on the biggest adventure of my life, with my husband, who is everything I could have wanted and more than I could have asked for.


How about "blessed."

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