Thursday, August 30, 2012

on loving orange

I love my bathroom. It's so fun and bright and cheerful, which everything at least one room in your house should be.

And it's orange.

If you would have told me a year ago that I would have an orange bathroom, I would have wrinkled my nose in disgust. When asked, I named orange as my least favorite color.

But you see, it's Chris' favorite color. We actually had a whole conversation (which he doesn't remember now!) about how I don't like orange, that it's hard to wear and actually look okay, and there are so many shades of orange that are just gross, and coordinating it with other things in your house is just impossible.

Falling in love does funny things to you, though. When Chris and I were talking about Hypothetically Getting Married, I privately decided that since he was so fond of orange, I would hypothetically be a kind, sweet (hypothetical) fiancee and have that as one of our hypothetical wedding colors. Hypothetically.

Then, as if started looking an awful lot like when, I kinda started liking orange. A bright, fun tangerine suits my personality, I think -- and if it's Chris' favorite color, well then, by all means.

The wedding was in fact orange (and teal.) And when we started really buckling down on registering for gifts, I got frustrated with designing the color scheme of our bathroom and turned it over to Chris. "Will you please just pick out a shower curtain for me? It's making me crazy trying to get something that isn't super-girly, so that you actually like it too."

Minutes later, he spoke with a thoughtful tone. "Now, I know you don't like orange, so there's probably no chance you'd be okay with this..." He turned the laptop around so I could see

Stylized floral? In bright colors? YES PLEASE. I loved it. Now we've designed our whole bathroom around that shower curtain -- tangerine and lime and a happy cherry red, towels and bins and toothbrush holders. It might be my favorite room in the whole apartment, to tell you the truth.

It's a lesson in picking your battles and asking for help, I guess. I'll be doing that more in the future, I think, because for us, it just turns out so beautifully.

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