Monday, September 3, 2012


At our house, we have a slight addiction to whiteboard markers. If they can be used on a surface, they will be used on a surface.

Case in point.

While I love having a nice, big whiteboard for my not-so-nice, big To Do list, not to mention everything else, the above picture is a new development in our raging marker-holism organizational strategies.

Chris isn't going to have a lot of time for me this semester. He'll spend most nights on campus, crunching equations with the other grad students in his year, trying to figure out why the universe hates him when that variable he was solving for cancels itself out. Between 4 lecture classes, plus 2 required seminars and a handful of research credits, I'm frankly amazed I've seen him as much as I have lately.

I'm sure as time goes on -- as homework and research and callings become more demanding -- I'll see less of him. But for now, today, I'm just delighted to have him around. I love watching the bemused look come over his face when I do something goofy. I love listening to him pray, or kissing him and thinking, man, I just never do get tired of that, do I? And for now, I'll even take just watching him do homework.

On the sliding glass door, in whiteboard marker.


  1. Ahem. you know writing on paper can kill your whiteboard markers, right?

  2. Oh, the paper is on the other side of the glass door. It was just easier for him to read with something behind it.