Tuesday, September 11, 2012

this is the life

Today, I woke up at 6:30.

I popped some leftover waffles in the toaster for Chris -- homemade, whole-wheat and a little chocolate in the batter. For the anti-oxidants, you know.

We snuggled on the couch for a few minutes, while he updated me his current extracurricular project. Later, I took him to school, called my dad about insurance stuff, called the mechanic about car stuff, submitted my resume to three jobs, and vacuumed, and went to the pool.

Ah, the pool. It's just barely starting to feel like autumn here, with the heavy summer air giving way to that unique crispness, like biting into an apple straight off the tree. (I can use that metaphor -- I've done it!)

I love autumn, but the first hint of it is probably not an indication to go to the pool. But, I realized as I vacuumed, a little physical exertion would make me feel a lot better about life in general. So, swimsuit on, plus Chris' basketball shorts, and to the pool I went.

It was marvelous. The weekday schedules of all normal people left the blue, chlorine-scented waters abandoned to just me. It was startlingly cold, enough to make me laugh out loud and shiver, but after a few laps, I grew accustomed to the chill. The midday sun glowed overhead, warming my intensely fair skin but not burning it in the cautious half-hour I stayed out there, sans sunscreen.

By the time my phone alarm went off, a twinkley, happy sort of tone, I had fulfilled my goal for number of laps and was ready to go. My wet feet squeaked with every step in my cheap, rubbery flip-flops, and my hair hung in my eyes, lank with moisture. Grasshoppers buzzed and jumped as I approached, and for a moment, I stopped to just soak it in.

Chris and I have been married for a month today, and it feels an awful lot like sunshine.

So I soak that in too.


  1. I love you. You're great! Thank you for all of the happy updates on your life! We need them because we miss you!

  2. Affirmative. And you makes us happi!

  3. I love you sweet girls so much! :D