Saturday, September 8, 2012

part three: purpose

I guess the short version of all this is that I'm allowed to be deeply happy. To let the slow rhythm of home-centered service define my days, rather than settling for or being distracted by the pursuit of flashier ambitions.

Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with them! I have a particular friend whose life is absolutely lush, fabulous really, as she's travelled to Jerusalem, received her MBA, and begun a highly rewarding career. I admire her deeply for her diligence, enthusiasm, and deep, enduring faith.

Another friend has a life that is somewhat similar to the one I've found myself in these days. Her days are filled with quiet service and amazing creativity, with books and laughter, and with caring for her body's sensitive needs. I cherish these two women, even in their very different pursuits, for the things they have in common: their joi de vivre, their sense of purpose and stalwartly glad hearts.

I want to be as purposeful as they are, as confident of the Lord's plan for them individuallyI sense the coming months will be full of moments when my plan will become a little more clear, if I pursue it. I'm grateful for the enforced rest that Heavenly Father is offering me, however short or long it may be. At the end of it, I can bet I'll discover I'm not a Katelyn OR a Cindy, but rather a Sara, somewhere in between. Maybe Heavenly Father knows I'll have the greatest joy and greatest service opportunities being fluent in Spanish, or becoming a bizarrely excellent cook. I'm really not sure.

But I'm sure excited to find out.

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