Friday, September 14, 2012


Chris and I decided on a blue kitchen early on, based mostly on the fact that we found these awesome measuring cups that are both magnetic and collapsible. And, incidentally, only available in blue. It got even better when we found matching measuring spoons...and pots...and dishes...and a Kitchenaid...and - well, you get the idea.

That said, we couldn't find quite everything in that particular shade of blue, so we've got this very mellow, monochromatic color scheme of cobalt, sky and royal blue. Chris is still trying to convince me that we need an accent color -- orange of course -- but I am unconvinced. We do have one knife that is orange, a relic from Chris' single days, and the random flash of tangerine makes me smile and shake my head whenever I open the drawer.

Though, I really do love the tiny elements of our individual lives that have come together in our kitchen. Chris' mom brought back a blue, glass polar bear from Alaska for him, and it's now making sure our grocery list (a whiteboard!) doesn't slide down the counter. My shell painting, the one I did on a whim during my first semester at BYU-I,  now hangs above our stand mixer. In the sink, there's a plate and cup he used this morning, the cookie sheet and pot from dinner last night, the bowl I used for lunch today... I guess what that really means is I should probably stop blogging and go do the dishes.

Good thing my kitchen is so cute.


  1. Sarah! I remember buying that blue striped mug at Broulim's my freshman year! I still have the bowls that match and use them almost daily! :) Oh good times!!!
    Love the blue kitchen!

  2. LOL yeah I love that mug! It's followed me around many years, haha. It was too perfect not to put in our kitchen, and I'm even detail-oriented enough to make sure only blue writing utensils ended up in there. ;)