Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Little Things, Big Lessons

In all her amazingness, Cindy has made me a new, cheery, lovely layout. Isn't she fabulous??

I have to pause for a second today and recognize God in the little things. He keeps me humble, and He keeps me cheerful.

Humble first, 'cause it's funny: There's a really good-looking guy in my office. No, I don't know a THING about him, his name, whether or not he's married, whether or not he's the devil incarnate, nothing. But he sure is attractive, and he's sitting on the floor outside of one of the cubes, chatting with one of the other engineers. And I have to walk by him to go to the break room / kitchen for a drink for Mom and I. And girls, you'll know what I mean when I say that, in a way that you (mostly) can't help, you're very conscious of walking by an attractive person.

Well on the way back to my desk, I realized I had a neon post-it note sticking to my shoe. Yup. Keeping me humble.

Now for the cheerful part. At work, we've been single-handedly chopping down the Amazon. It's tedious work, digging through files and not finding what you're looking for. For hours on end. But just when I'm sure I'm going to go crazy and make a copy of my squished-up face for the auditors instead of the #*$^% invoice they want, I find something. Like the Alamo receipt that we've been trying to hunt down for a week. It's an instant cheerfulizer, and has very little to do with me, except that I keep trying.

I think it's the Lord trying to teach me a bigger lesson. Sometimes things don't happen the way I plan, and it's uncomfortable -- but it does serve to humble me a little more, and keep me asking for the Lord's help and presence in my life. And sometimes, a flash of insight comes, a momentary sparkle, and I get to smile and think, "Maybe it actually is worth all of the digging I've been doing. Maybe it's not completely fruitless."

Maybe the Lord really does love me. Well, OBVIOUSLY He does, and I see that every day, but here's another attempt to see it moment to moment. Because at this moment, and the next moment, and the one after that, His purposes in my life are still being fulfilled, and even if I feel like a goof or just plain worn down, it is all to His grand purposes for me.

I think I like that idea.

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