Tuesday, February 19, 2008

let your clarity define you

I was asked today, "Has there been a defining moment in your personal history, some event that was pivotal and perhaps life-altering?" I've been thinking about this off and on all day, while I was at work, while I drove home, while I wrote to my missionary friends, while I hung out with my family.

And in all that time, the most definitive thing I could come up with today was this: I think that every moment is defining.

I am young, just twenty, and I've passed very few of the big mile-markers in life. I've been baptized, and graduated high school, and that's about it. But I find that it's the tiny, moment-to-moment things in my life that make up who I am and what defines me. It's the fact that I'm working my tail off trying to save money for school, that I adore the Christian radio station, that I love to be with my friends, that my family is so precious to me. It's the fact that rather than going to bed like I should, I'm sitting here, at my desk, writing, and being grateful to God for this inclination that is so much of who I am.

It's the moments I spend breathing, finding just existing a deeply joyous thing, that define me. It's the moments of clarity that are so beautifully often. It's the moments I am overwhelmed by the goodness of God.

So no, I can't put my finger on a single moment that has been particularly defining for me. I try to do that every moment, all along.

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