Friday, February 1, 2008


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B. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
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Ten Years Ago...

In February of 1998...Oh, wow, I think I know exactly what I was doing about this time 10 years ago! Moving to North Carolina! I was heartbroken. I didn't have a lot of friends as it was, and I couldn't imagine never ever being able to see them. I was still sad about that, but then I got here, and fell in love with the trees. So much so, in fact, that I remember feeling a little like I was betraying myself with the deep bewildering joy I felt, looking at all of that green. I didn't even know there were places like that, having lived in the boring desert my whole life, and knowing the whole time that it was an ugly, boring place to live. The funny thing was, it took moving back to the desert to fall in love with the sky.

Snacks I Love...

I'm not a snacky person...I'm so conscious of what I eat that I really try to make sure it's going to be nutritious and worth the calories. When I'm going to indulge though, I'm a fan of cookies, and soft chewy fruit things.

Five Things on Today's To-Do List...

1. Breathe. Just for the sheer joy of not having anything else to do right this second.
2. Smile. Just because I want to, and don't think my face has done enough of that today.
3. I should seriously clean my room. That's the very first thing to get neglected when I'm any kind of busy...and, as this list shows, it's about the 3rd or 4th thing I think of to do when I'm finally not busy!
4. I should probably eat real food for dinner at some point. Oh, snap! I think I have thawed chicken in the freezer anyway. Maybe I'll use it as an excuse to turn on the oven.
5. Decide for sure whether or not I'm going to work tomorrow. Mom is, since she has extra stuff to do, and I do need the money. I'm just not sure if I need a break more.

Things I Would Do If Suddenly Made A Billionaire...

Pay for school!!!!! Then pay for me to go to massage school. Buy a car. And a house. Get Cindy the perfect set of knives. ;-) ...Oooh! And travel. A lot. Everywhere. Mostly of Asia. Hawaii just for good measure.

Three Bad Habits...

1. Not managing my time well
2. Seeking joy in the wrong places
3. Dumping things on the floor instead of putting them away!

Five Places I've Lived...

1. Well, I did this list starting with 5, and it occurs to me that I've only lived in those 4 cities. So, um, heaven? ("I lived in heaven a long time ago it is truuuue....")
2. Santee, California
3. Butner, North Carolina
4. Oxford, North Carolina
5. Rexburg, Idaho

Jobs I've Had...

1. Babysitter
2. Dog sitter / house sitter
3. Office assistant
4. Sandwich artist (yes, you can laugh, just don't talk to me about it)
5. An office assistant again.

Things People Don't Know About Me...

1. OK so some people know this already, but I think I have a bizarre fascination with making calendars, especially when I have something to count down. First I'll draw one. Then I'll look at the one on my computer. Then I'll print one. Then I'll lose it or never have it when I want it so I'll consider making another.
2. I have only been to the zoo once, and because of it I have promised myself to take my kids to all kinds of neat things -- mostly because I want to go to them too!
3. Some people know this already too, but I am way more boy crazy than I think I am. Frankly, it's pathetic.
4. I regularly wake up at 3, 4, or 5 and seriously consider getting out of bed every time. And then I fall asleep again.
5. I have yet to figure out if being around naked people all day will be a serious deterrent to my goal of becoming a massage therapist.
Edit: Oh and 6, I used to HATE playing tag! I was always the fat, slow kid in elementary school who ran out of breath too quickly and couldn't catch anyone.

I Tag

No one, because the only people who will actually read this already have it on their blogs!

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