Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 7 your dream wedding

Paper lanterns in lots of sizes. Strings of white Christmas lights. Some cool theme/motif that is both whimsical and edgy.

Navy blue and lime green. (I thought green bouquets were stupid until today -- but they're SO PRETTY with the navy dresses!!) Cindy as matron of honor, Deborah as bridesmaid. Tulle.

Really fun shoes -- haven't yet decided on Converses or really hot, classy heels.

Something more interesting than cake. Early spring. A FUN reception, not a dumb, boring one -- and probably outside.


Oh, and the love of my life. Of course.


  1. Love the color combo! But... you gotta have cake to smash it in each other's faces. Trust me, if you don't, your family and friends will NEVER let you hear the end of it. (My brother-in-law and sister-in-law didn't and they ended up smashing it on their 1st anniversary just to appease everyone.)

  2. Even if I had a cake, I'm not sure I'd want to us to smash it in each other's faces anyway :-P

  3. But thanks!! I was really excited when I figured out those colors. There were some other ones that I really liked, but they were too trendy or too boring. :)

  4. We didn't smash cake in eachother's face! It's totally the way to go! that way you don't have rotting cake in your nose and messed up makeup for the rest of the reception...just sayin.... I would not judge your harshly :)

  5. Thank you Jennie. I appreciate your support! ;)

  6. Wedding: do exactly whatever you want. Everyone else can shove it. :) Their opinions, not the cake. Though I suppose you could shove the cake in THEIR faces...

    I'm loving that the last thing on there is the man. :) I know exactly what you mean, but it still made me smile.