Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 6 a photo of an animal you'd love to keep as a pet

Secretly, I have a thing for out-of-the-ordinary pets. Not TOO out of the ordinary -- I don't want a monkey or anything! -- but reptiles are pretty dang cool.  Iguanas in particular look like you have a dinosaur as a pet.

Unfortunately, they're about as cuddly as dinosaurs, too. And unlike the dinos, they live for stinkin' EVER. So, I'll probably stick with my second choice:

Quiet, practical size for an apartment, cute, lives for a couple of years, and WAY more interesting than a fish. Sold.


  1. Be careful with rodents... they die a lot!!! That is why Josh has a cat - too many rodents died.

  2. I'm totally OK with the dying. That means if I realize I really don't want a pet, I only have to deal with it for like a year.

    This kind of logic probably makes me a terrible person. ;)

  3. Hey, as long as you're okay with your cold heart, I wont' criticize! ;) (Seriously though - none of Josh's rodents lasted more than a few months.)

  4. I've had the same pets since I was 13. I think I'm OK with sacrificing longevity for a while! ;)