Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 5 a photo of yourself two years ago

This was the first winter I stayed in Rexburg. I was terrified, to tell you the truth. I remember telling Tim, who I'd only known for a semester, "I need you to still be my friend, because everyone else will be gone!" Bless his heart, he did exactly that. But I didn't need to worry, not that winter. That winter I had Ann, Megan, Rachael, Emily, and Lesley. By the end, we were all fast friends. I still miss those girls sometimes.

It was also about this time that I chopped off all of my hair again. And faux-hawked it the next day. Short hair was fun for a while, especially because I basically proved that I didn't care what anyone else thought. Now I'm growing it out again, and loving it, and think it would be a sad waste of really pretty hair to chop it all off again.


  1. So... isn't it cheating to do 2 posts in a day on 30 days of blogging? ;) shouldn't it be 30 unchronological posts of blogging? .........Just sayin'.

  2. Yeah, it is cheating, but I was getting behind!