Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 1: a photo of yourself and a description of how your day was

I'm sick today. It's really not that bad, all illnesses considered. It's not strep, or the flu, or even cabin fever. Just me, with a cold, doing all the same things I'd do any other day lately: Get up late. Eat something small and healthy for breakfast/lunch (today it was a smoothie). Write in my journal. Think a lot. Look for a job. Talk to people on facebook. And skype. Chat with my brother a little. Give him a hug before he goes to work. It's a good life. I keep feeling like I should be embarrassed by how little I have to show for my time, but honestly, doesn't a smiling face and a little peace of mind show enough? Even if I get it from the inane?

I did watch a couple of episodes of Doctor Who today, and that was pretty fantastic. David Tennant was my first Doctor, so I underappreciate Christopher Eccleston and therefore the Doctor himself in season 1. But the Doctor is fascinating in season 1, especially if you already know the character. This is our beloved Doctor straight out of the war, full of such deep anguish that it's turned off his heart. It's very much surface-level Doctor: clever and a little cutting, but still gets the job done because he does, in fact, care.

And then Rose changes him. Slowly, but she does -- with her questions, her demands, her mercy. She reaches underneath the surface and pulls our Doctor out.

I love Rose. She's wise without being jaded. She's principled without being judgmental. And she can't resist an adventure. And on the surface, yes, she does want to travel time and space and see the universe. But beyond that, I suspect that this prickly man who loves people (humans or otherwise) catches her attention. It's more than an adventure in the TARDIS. It's an adventure with him.

I relate strongly to that. People are an adventure, all on their own. Figuring out what they need and then figuring out how to give it to them is a pattern that defines my life.

Well. Right now the pattern that defines my life is just sitting around. But, for a little while anyway, I think that's exactly what I need.

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