Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 2 a photo of something you ate today

Uhhh. What DID I eat today?

Ha. Well, the first thing I eat every day is my vitamins:

Yes. They are prenatal. Yes. They are gummy. Yes. I love them.

Don't judge me.

They are prenatal because I am dyyyyyying to grow my hair out. I had a pixie cut basically the entire time I was in college, and now I am so ready to have long hair again. Particularly because I actually know how to take care of my hair now. All of my friends have accepted the fact that I have super-hero hair. You should too.

They are gummy because I hate the way regular adult vitamins smell. It's like the sour armpit of the pharmacy aisle.

I love them because I have ALWAYS struggled to take my vitamins. But these, I take. I have a purpose for taking them. And I have some kind of instant gratification when I take them. (Did I mention they're SOUR gummy vitamins? Mmmm.) Successfully taking vitamins is just one little way I prove to myself that I am a competent adult. Yay me.


  1. mmmm...I want some. You know how I LOOOOVE the gummy vitamins...and sour? wow! And don't worry...I want the prenatal ones for the same reason you do. haha.

  2. I'm taking those too! except they're just boring smelly armpit kind. and I'm taking them because my gums are purple/blue. weird. And i sturggle at posting comments. AND i'm glad you updated :)

  3. I never thought I'd feel lame for not taking vitamins before... Apparently that's what the cool kids are into these days! :-/

  4. PS- I thought for sure you were gonna post a green smoothie!

  5. Jennie, I'm pretty sure you were my inspiration for getting gummy vitamins! :D

    Allison, please, yes, take vitamins for your poor gums. They make me a little sad.

    Natalie, you are NOT lame. And I considered doing a green smoothie, but the vitamins were a lot easier to take a picture of. :)