Saturday, December 17, 2011

ten things that make me happy today

  1. The right sleeve of "my" jacket smells like Chris from holding his hand this morning when I drove him to the airport.
  2. "My" is in quotes because technically, the jacket belongs to Chris.
  3. During my 15 minute break at work, I run up and down the stairs and then do stretches in my cubicle.
  4. I get to eavesdrop on people's conversations for a living. (You'd have to be a writer to understand the joy of this one, I think.)
  5. I get to knit while I'm on calls and in between calls, I can write for my freelance job(s).
  6. One of my roommates called me a "clean freak" the other day.
  7. I'm starting to be just a little less needy. 
  8. Sam is coming to see me for Christmas, so I won't be all by myself.
  9. I'm teaching Sunday School tomorrow.
  10. I finally have an income again, so I can finally pay tithing. YAY.

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