Monday, January 16, 2012


A dear friend of mine pointed out to me today that perhaps my previous blog post was a little misleading.

Chris and I didn't break up because he's not meeting my needs in some way. I don't think I could have asked to be treated any better than how he treated me. He's wonderful, that Chris.

It's just that...we said all along that we would do the right thing, and if the right thing for each of us overlapped, then so much the better. We just...hit a cross-roads and stopped overlapping. Honestly, I'm so proud of Chris for making this decision. I actually love and respect him more as a result of this. Which, yes, is a little hard.

Well. It's a lot hard.

But doing the right thing is often hard. That doesn't make it any less the right thing. We have to keep progressing, keep moving onward in our lives and adapting to our circumstances. We have to keep acquiring the attributes of Christ, through a combination of study and practice. That practice often comes through situations that challenge us, circumstances that are uncomfortable, heartbreak that is just a part of life.

But sometimes "blessings come through raindrops." So I will choose to be grateful to Heavenly Father for the good things -- like having dated someone who is just a solidly good person -- and to turn to Him with the things I don't like and don't understand.

I learned a lot about that in the last week. The comfort and peace of the Spirit fills up every emptiness we have, as we seek out the Spirit and make choices as guided by His influence. He "satisfies our souls in drought." We are never alone in our loneliness.

We have our God.

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