Friday, April 12, 2013


What a fun day! Chris and I rode the bus to campus together, and I spent the morning working on my Sunday School lesson (Doctrine & Covenants 25 -- one of my very favorites!) That was followed by another salad for lunch and 5 hours of TEDxPurdueU!

My husband takes me on the funnest dates, seriously. I struggled to sit still for as long as we did, but so many of the talks intrigued me. One of my very favorite things about watching TED stuff with Chris is how often it leads to a conversation about how we're going to educate our children. The plan right now is to homeschool, but there are a MILLION ways to go about doing it, and neither of us have any idea what we're doing. Therefore, we enjoy exploring ideas and methodologies as we come across them. TED makes great fodder for that.

The Paleo diet is going fine so far. We had smoothies for breakfast, which was the first time I've ever gotten Chris to drink a green smoothie! He thinks they're yummy, but can't bear to look at them. Some days I can't say I blame him, but today it was a pretty normal color. And so tasty, too! I love having a way to use the bags of salad greens I buy before they go bad. We also had psuedo pork wraps today, which basically eating pulled pork piled on a lettuce leaf with other things like onions and tomatoes thrown on top. Maybe more of a taco than a wrap? Either way, I thought it was delicious, and kinda fun to eat off of a lettuce leaf. The best part was that we made it in the crock pot, so it was perfectly fine that we were gone all day.

The sad part about the crock pot adventure is that I had to get up early to prep the meat (which included feeling like a butcher, since I had to cut the skin off of the pork shoulder. Freaky!) We got to bed late...add that to getting up early and today has not been a pleasant day to live on the inside of my head. But as I told Chris, I've been working hard to take it with a grain of salt, since any "why doesn't anyone love meeeee????" thoughts are bound to be more sleep-related than anything.

On that note, I am TIRED, so I am going to see if I can drag Awesome Husband off to bed. Ciao.


  1. Blueberries in your green smoothie=purple smoothie. ;)

    And I love those fun "this is how we'll do things with our kids" convos. We have those a lot, too!

  2. LOL yeah I thought of doing that, but the flavor balance was juuuust right (something I struggle with!) so I didn't want to change anything!

    I figure if we're going to raise our children with intention and purpose, it requires a lot of conversations! :)