Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can I just get this figured out already, please?

So here's the deal.

I go to a wonderfully cheap private school -- most of my school expenses are paid by donations before they even send me the bill. (Awesome, no?) Therefore, my tuition for next semester -- 12+ credits -- is $1530.

My beloved apartment is cheaper over the summer, so housing is about $700.

Because I am a single college co-ed, I can afford to eat for about $25 a week, and with, what, 14 weeks in each semester, that comes to $350.

Books are variable, but a safe average is $500. Thank goodness I can sell them back.

For the first time, I will be buying a one-way ticket. Basically, I don't know for sure when I'm coming back, and it's less to pay up-front. Judging by the price I can get right now, and adding the shuttle from the airport, that's about $200. I have about $225 right now, so I could pay for this right this second if I needed to. (Gas money would be nice though.)

So my expenses for next semester come to a total of $3280. Subtract from that my federal student loan for the semester and that goes to $1968. I figured out that if I make about $5.50 an hour, work 20 hours a week, and work for 10 weeks, I can pay tithing and make $1000 by the time I go back to school. That leaves another $1000 to figure out so that I can pay for next semester.

My options: two jobs this winter, and a job during the semester, and an additional student loan.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

Wait a sec ---

God loves me.

We can do this.

Edit: Dad loves me, too. Apparently, we three can do this. I get the feeling that things will be okay.

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