Saturday, January 26, 2008

President Hinckley, beloved prophet

I had the lights off and was comfortably in bed at about 10:40 tonight. My brain had thoroughly shut down by 11:30 until my dad knocked on the door--


I flipped around, "Yeah?" Even I was surprised how alert I sounded.

"President Hinckley passed away; I just thought you would want to know."

"Okay," I replied, subdued. "Thanks for letting me know."

So here I am, at almost 1am, wide awake since I had what amounted to a power nap, with a whole lot to think about.

I'm glad President Hinckley gets to hug his wife again. I could tell how much he missed her. I'm grateful for his courageous and wise leadership -- he's the only prophet I remember well enough to love. I remember finding out that President Hunter had died and being sure that it would be okay, because there was a new, special man who would be prophet. And that was President Hinckley. He helped me to know that I had a testimony of the sacredness of the priesthood, and the importance of the office of prophet, from a very early age.

It's the closing of an era.

I love -- yes, present tense -- President Hinckley so much. His optimism, love, and devotion to the forwarding of God's work on the earth will continue to be wonderful assets to the kingdom. But I'll miss him here.

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