Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What's up...Doc?

This chip on my shoulder
Makes me smarter and bolder
No more whining or blaming
I am reclaiming my pride!

When I first heard that Legally Blonde was becoming a musical, I positively groaned. It was a fun but silly movie, and putting the whole thing to music would only make it worse.

Or so I thought. My sister has this wonderful habit of introducing me to really wonderful music and Legally Blonde: The Musical was no exception. The above stanza is part of this fabulous song where the main character, finally realizes that her plan to get back the man of her dreams has completely failed. Her new friend basically says it's about time she figured out how ridiculous she was being, and to get. to. WORK! So Elle, formerly the clueless Malibu Barbie she looks, takes his challenge to become more and to earn something really amazing, just to prove she can, and she's doing it for her.

Now I know I'm not blonde or a future lawyer, but I just can't stop listening to this song. Given the situation I am in right now, I could really use a reason to be "driven as ----!", because I'm not sure how I'm going to manage all of this.

But honestly, is that really the point?

I think I've been telling myself that this me that I see right now is the only one I'll ever get. I need to look at the bigger picture, and remember the future rewards of my hard work. I can be smart and bold, without whining or blaming, because of something I should already have and know. I can trust both God and what I've been given, and not be afraid.

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