Monday, January 21, 2008

Physical Pain

I am so grateful for the practically pain-free life that I lead.

The most I ever have is a little headache, solved by a night's rest and/or a tall glass of water, or sore shoulders from too much slumping that day. My physical body is such a blessing to me. I am so very amazed at how healthy I am, and that I don't really have to do anything extra in order to be enjoy such excellent health. My body-health to-do list is short: get enough sleep, keep my eating balanced, don't sit around all day, stay clean.

And yet I tend to be a big whiner about it when something slips -- most often my sleep, at school anyway -- and I spend a few days feeling gross. I should appreciate this gift I have been given more than I do; I have witnessed in several people that I love the stress and heartache (and tough learning) that can come of physical pain.

So here's to you, body: I love you, and thank you for being as good to me as you are, even when I don't appreciate it. And here's to you, Dad: I hope you'll be okay.

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