Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Keeping it Real

On days like today I find it extremely important to step back and try to see God in all things. He is so unreservedly good to me, and if I can remember that, then loving Him and being like Him is so much easier. He provides so much cause for joy; why not take Him up on His offer? If I can do that, I can remain connected to Him, and to this mortal state He has allowed me to experience in order to grow. So here's a list of things that I find joy in today, in no particular order.

that affects me in a positive, soothing way. My soul-weather this morning was broody and depressing, so even my favorite songs were getting me down. Having one, gotten into a better place, and two, switched to instrumental music, I can happily say that my heart is much more sunny than it was.

Getting up early. I despise getting up late. I don't like how I feel when I I miss out on so much, including and especially daylight. However this morning I was up and alert by 8:30 and feel like the day has been productive so far.

Knitting! I keep looking at this neat scarf I started the other day and thinking, "Wow, I really made that, didn't I?" I've been doing it too tight, so my hands are a little sore from 21 rows at a time, but still, I think creation of any kind is one of the ways that we can be nearest to God. And for another thing, every time I knit I think a little about three key things: the wonderful friend who helped me learn to knit, the work I had to put forth to figure it out, and the person for whom I'm knitting the scarf. There are a lot worse ways to spend your time than thinking about people in your life that you love a little more each day!

My sister's smile. She and I have a playdate this afternoon, I assume after the movie she's watching with Mom finishes. Unlike me, Deborah is a fan of sleeping in late (that or she just does it a lot -- that I can understand too!) so Mom had me wake her up a few hours ago. She wasn't too pleased about it, but after showering and getting dressed she came in my room just to say hi. I'm not sure she realizes what a blessing she is to me!

My favorite shirt. I know, I know, it seems silly. But it's the perfect shade of pink, and flattering. I try to save it for days when I need an extra couple of smiles on my face, and today it seemed appropriate.

Aspirations. I'm having a hard time knowing what to do with myself during the day...too much time on my computer and I start to go bonkers, too much cleaning and Dad feels like I'm being critical, too much time outside and I freeze, too much time reading and I get sleepy. But I keep remembering that this is still a place on the road to higher things, and I may be moving a lot faster toward them right now than I think. Everyone needs a break, some vacation, a time to rest. But if I can use my time -- even down time! -- in a way that brings me closer to God, then I can have peace at all times, through Him.

The words of the prophets. In order to improve my soul-weather, I spent the morning reading talks from general authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, particularly on patience. This is a virtue that I am trying to balance my apparent need for it with sincerely seeking more knowledge of it. I know that if I am diligent, and open to God, that I can and will be blessed in His due time. Without having the opportunity to read guidance and direction from wise, spiritual leaders, I don't know what my day would have been like.

My friends. I could list them all off one by one...the ones I would die for, the ones I don't always understand but who I deeply respect, the ones that make me laugh, the ones that make me think, the ones that I don't know as well as I could but know I will only like better once I do, the ones that teach me things I never would have thought of on my own. Mostly I'm just glad for the wonderful mix of them; they all contribute so much to who I am and the presence of God in my life.

Grapefruit-scented lotion. Believe it or not, I think my dad even likes the smell of it! My hands have been brutally dry, and while this is a pain, I can't mind it too much since every time I put on this lotion, I can't help but be a little more cheerful. It's such a sunny smell.

A made bed. I got new bedding for Christmas and I LOVE it. I'm pretty sure I've raved about it before, but it's just a little more true every day! That and I love the look of a made bed...not rumpled, all clean lines and smooth surfaces. It's what I like my soul-weather to be like.

Vacuums. I'm laying on my floor with the keyboard as I write all of this, and from this perspective I can't help but notice all the little bits of paper and yarn and dirt. Sure, it adds character to the room, but, eh, I think I'm going to ditch the character in favor of a little more cleanliness.

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