Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Letter to Me for Darker Days

Dear Sara,

Did you know that when you got up this morning, you looked in the mirror and smiled? I know, I know, your disheveled hair was pretty funny. But do you remember the actual reason? It's because you looked in the mirror and thought, "I am beautiful." Do you think that maybe, possibly, you could do that today? Yeah, today your hair is probably just as disheveled (or maybe not) and your skin is driving you to the mad house (or it isn't) and you've never felt fatter (or perhaps that's not the case at all.) Whatever the case, I want you to remember that the person who smiled at you this morning is still you...she can still have the same light in her green eyes if you let her. Be close to the Lord, and love life and yourself not necessarily for what they give you, but what for what you can give back to them -- even if it is nothing more than your love. It's even allowed to be reluctantly-given now and then. But don't give up; keep smiling.



P.S. One of your friends thinks that the following should be added:

"You are an awesome person with a great talent to make other people smile. This talent would be wasted if you didn't smile yourself. You are a great friend to those who need you and you are very thoughtful. The people who don't know you are missing out on knowing a wonderful person.

"Remember too, that the Lord loves you, even when you don't. He is always there for you and wants to bless you beyond measure. Remember Him and He will never forget you! You are a blessed daughter of God, talented in many ways. And remember, those with whom you share friendship are grateful for that appellation."

So remember that too, and that you have really fabulous friends who see the best in you, even if you don't think you've done anything to deserve such great people, and such a beautiful life.


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